Crafter School Care

Now Enrolling.

We are excited to begin the adventure of Crafter School Care. Crafter School Care (after school care) is open to PreK-5th grade. Here is some information of what crafter school care at The Artnasium will look like:

PICK UP: Crafter school care hours will start when we pick your child up from school (their dismissal times) until 5:30pm. We are currently looking at picking up from Blossomwood, Jones Valley Elementary, Whitesburg Elementary, Whitesburg Christian, Holy Spirit, Weatherly, Chaffee, Mt. Gap Elementary, and or Challenger Elementary. We need to get at least 5-6 kids from a school to start a bus pick up.

COST: The cost of Crafter school care will be $75 weekly. Children must be registered in advanced, no exceptions. Registration fee and deposit $150. Billing will be done on a monthly basis payments are due on the 1st of each month. Crafter school kids will get this same rate of $75 weekly for drop off camps when school is out, this discount is only offered to our crafter school children. Two weeks written notice is required for withdrawing your child from Crafter School Care. This program will have a limited number of openings. You can apply for a spot by emailing us for a registration packet and paying your registration fee. Part of the registration process includes a teacher recommendation/evaluation. For more information please email us at theartnasium@gmail.com.

STAFF: We will always have at least 2 staff members present. Staff are CPR and first aid certified. Staff are background checked, finger printed, & cleared against the child abuse/child neglect registry. We have high standards for our staff and only employ what we feel is the best for our studio which includes being firm but kind, sweet, and fun loving! The studio is sanitized daily. We have surveillance cameras for safety throughout the entire studio except bathrooms.

ROUTINE: Children will get transported from school to The Artnasium. When they reach the studio they will get a short brain break and a snack (1 included). Then children will have a designated time to sit and do homework. Staff will assist with homework as needed as well as check for completion. If a student does not have homework they will be allowed to read or look at books so that others can have the quiet time to complete their work. When homework is finished staff will select a game or activity for children to do and/or allow them to create and play in the studio. With the exception of using electronics for homework (supervised) we are an electronic free zone so kids can play without screen time. We do provide wifi for homework. If needed parents can call their child on the studio phone. Any students with phones or electronics will be instructed to keep them in their bags or place them in our electronic keeper basket until time to go home.

During free time students will be allowed to create in the studio at our awesome stations.  We have easels for painting, guided craft tables, lego wall and table, dry erase finish the pictures, pretend vet office, floor to ceiling magnet wall, pretend school room, game and puzzle tables, 2 exploratory craft tables, a pretend cafe and more! 

BEHAVIOR: We expect good behavior. We want all children to feel safe in their environment. Any issues will be discussed with parents. Any type of threatening or bullying behavior will not be tolerated. Repeated issues will result in removal from the Crafter School Care program. 

WHY: Why choose The Artnasium for your after school care needs? Creative space sparks the imagination, imagination leads to vision, vision leads to innovation and innovation leads to a better world. At The Artnasium we provide The SPARK! Email us today.  

256-858-1870    theartnasium@gmail.com